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If you don't have dreams, you can't make them come true.

Welcome To All Play And No Work

The cycle begins when we decide to earn a living. Deciding on a college course or other training options can be overwhelming, and we either make the wrong choice or stick with very general studies. When we go to look for a paying career, we often find that the competition for what we'd really like to do is greater than we anticipated and will often settle for the best offer we can get. We find ourselves working for less money than we want at a tedious jobs we don't really like. That is the dilemma that inspired All Play And No Work.

The first step to change the cycle is to decide without a doubt, what our true callling is. Think of what we do when we procrastinate, that might be a starting place. Next, make the commitment to devote spare time and extra money to work toward changing from what we do, to what we want to do.

Create The World You Want

All Play And No Work envisions a world where all people find a way to break out of the trap of work. Instead, do what you love and enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Dream, Decide, Do

We are not born to work hard for no good reason. Doing what you love is your birthright and simply changing your mind will make it happen.

Have fun, enjoy life and think big.

Give it a try!

What have you got to lose?